Domestic water dispensers

Domestic water dispensers

Cold and sparkling water dispensers for home use

Water dispensers for household use to have cold and ambient, still or sparkling water.

All our products are made in Italy. High quality and excellent performances.

These water dispensers need a connection to the water supply and and has the ability to microfiltrate water intended for human consumption, guaranteeing high standards of water security.
All available models may be ordered in under counter or countertop versions and have a carbonating system to deliver sparkling water.

MF10IN Sottobanco con osmosi
MF10 domestic under counter water dispenser with reverse osmosis.
Cold, still and sparkling water.
Dry cooling - exchanger via saturator and thermal flywheel - static cooling circuit. Effective and very quiet system.
Saturator 2.2 l stainless steel 316.
180W pump - 300 l/h
Cold production 10-12 l/h with inlet 25 and outlet 5 °C. Instantaneous delivery of 1.7 litres without interruption!
Permeate production 90 l/h
Mechanical temperature control.
Mixing valve
Solenoid valve at inlet: no need for pressure reducer - Use 10 mm tubing at inlet.
Certified according to Dm 174.
External prefilter not included - recommended IN12C-S GAC or WaterPro CB03
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