Office water dispensers

Office water dispensers

Office water dispensers, ideal solutions for canteens and workplaces connected directly to the water system.

We provide freestanding columns and countertop systems, fountains for workshops and school canteens.

All our products are characterized by a pleasant aesthetic line, also suitable for representative offices, quality materials and high performance in order to supply good and safe water, free of suspended elements, chlorine and related derivatives.

The office water dispensers available can supply ambient or cold water, some models also have a carbonation system for sparkling water.
The products available are a practical, safe and ecological alternative to traditional plastic bottles.

MF20IN Sottobanco 5,5lt
Still, cold and sparkling water - Dry cooling - saturator exchanger with thermal flywheel - Saturator 5.6 l stainless steel 316 - Production 20-22 l/h with inlet 25 and outlet 5 °C - Control with mechanical thermostat - CEME direct-operated solenoid valves - Inlet solenoid valve: no need for pressure reducer - Available from stock in colours: black, white On request: orange, green, tiffany, light blue.